After over twenty five years of friendship, we found ourselves in the early summer of 2013 enjoying a tour of Masters Brewery, Wellington.  Stopping off on the way home for refreshment in the beer garden of a pub, we realised as we chatted over a pint that we'd been inspired.  We both enthused at the idea of brewing beer as a way of turning our aspirations and shared dreams into reality.

It came at the point of readiness for us both.  We already had between us over sixty years of knowledge and experience of real ale, pubs, industry trends etc, having also worked in the catering industry and the hospitality sector.  We would set up our own microbrewery.

As entrepreneurs, we recognise the rise in trends towards customers preferring local production, craft techniques, diligence and traditional approaches.  We stand by our strap-line, 'Real Beer'.  We believe we make our beer to a level of quality that the enormous, global players can't match.  As a microbrewery, we can be highly responsive to our market, and can seek to offer our wares to local discerning landlords and public alike.

We brew consistently good, strong British beers with traditional yeasts, quality malts and the finest English hops by using traditional recipes and modern equipment.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours as much as we enjoy making them and taking them to market.  

Dom and Matt

We currently supply pubs and restaurants along the Chew Valley and surrounding areas.

Our 1BBL brewing plant - Copper / Mash Tun / HLT

Our 1BBL plant - Copper/Mash Tun/HLT

The brewery - complete with three full fermenting vessels...